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CellSpy lets you know when something significant happens with your child's phone or their activities so that you can get on with your life while CellSpy works silently in the background. Not all features are available on all phone models.

Geofence Breach Alerts

Know if your child leaves home or if an employee strays from a delivery path. With CellSpy you can set up a GPS Leash or Geofence and will be notified the moment that geofence is breached. Notifications can be sent via email or text messaging to your cell phone and are sent automatically by your web control panel so it doesn't even matter if the target device has no SMS credits.

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Keyword Alerts

A keyword alert feature allows you to add indefinite keywords of interest to your control panel. Keywords may include profanity, people's names, places, activities, or anything you wish. Whenever a keyword appears in a text, email, message or chat you will be notified. This is a highly useful feature for parental control and for businesses that have trade secrets to protect

keyword alerts

Communication Alerts

Knowing what is being said is important, but knowing who it is being said to may be equally important. Set up communication alerts so that you will know when specific people are being called, messaged, texted (or vice versa). Whether you're a parent that is concerned about an inappropriate relationship or an employee worried about the leaking of critical information to a competitor, this feature is for you.

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New Data Notifications

New data notifications will let you know whenever new data of a certain kind has been captured and uploaded to your control panel. This feature is useful if you're only really interested in monitoring certain activity. It allows you to leave CellSpy to work in the background while you get on with your day to day activities. CellSpy will let you know via SMS or email that new data of interest to you is available to view.

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Administrative Notifications

Administrative notifications will keep your monitoring activity manageable by letting you know of any potential issues beforehand. This feature is most relevant to larger scale monitoring activities by organizations with numerous target devices. Be notified of device connection issues, memory and storage limits and other information of interest to you.

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