Monitor Voice Calls

CellSpy lets you remotely monitor incoming and outgoing voice calls on your child's or employee's phone - from call recording, to call interception, to after call recording to call logging. Not all features are available on all phone models.

Call Recording

Record the full conversation and listen to it from anywhere at your leisure. All calls are automatically recorded and both sides of the conversation are captured along with the other person's phone number, the date and time of the call, the duration of the call and whether it was an incoming or outgoing call. Voice calls are recorded as audio files and then secretly uploaded to your secure web control panel where you can listen to them using your web browser, mobile phone, laptop or computer. Call recording is not available on Blackberry handsets and certain other devices.

Call Recording

Call Interception

Listen into calls live as they occur and hear both sides of the telephone conversation as though you were a third party to that call. You will receive a notification on your phone that a call is being dialled or received and you can listen into that call from your own phone - wherever you are. Call interception is offered on devices that do not support call recording, like Blackberry handsets and older iPhone models. On some devices, e.g. iPhone 5 you are able to use call interception in addition to call recording.

Call Interception

Call Logging

Keep a record of dialled, received and missed calls on the target phone. See who has been called, who is calling, how often they're in communication, and for how long each time. The call logs are secretly uploaded to your secure web account and can be accessed from anywhere using your phone or computer. You are able to sort, filter, export, download, print and delete call logs directly from your web portal, and logs can be stored indefinitely so that you have a permanent record of call activity for future analysis.

Pagekit Platform

After Call Recording HOT

A new feature that lets you automatically record audio from the target phone's microphone after specific voice calls have been made or received. You get to hear what the person says after those calls have ended. Microphone recordings are sent to your web control panel as audio files which you can listen to at your leisure from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or computer and web browser. This features provides great insight into the target person's true feelings about the person that they were just talking to and the content of that call.

After Call Recording

Skype Call Recording NEW

This is an exclusive feature only available with CellSpy iPhone/iPad. Record Skype calls made with or received on the target phone. Skype is the world's most popular VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) telephony services provider with hundreds of millions of registered users. You can now hear what is being discussed over Skype (as well as reading skype chat messages), know who it is being discussed with, how often they're in contact and how long they chat each time. Skype calls are uploaded to your web control panel as audio files which can be played on your computer or smartphone wherever you are.

Skype Call Recording

Viber Call Recording NEW

Yet another first for CellSpy. The recording of Viber calls is now a reality on iPhone and iPad. CellSpy's Viber call recording facility will enable you to listen to both sides of calls made using Viber's telephony services. In addition, CellSpy also enables you to read Viber chat messages, and will let you know who the other person is, how often they're in contact and the duration of each communication. Listen to recorded Viber calls through your web control panel using your computer or cell phone

Viber Call Recording

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