Track Location

CellSpy lets you track the location and movements of the target phone from anywhere in the world. Know precisely where your child or employee is and see where they have been in the past.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking will provide you with constant information about the location and movement of the target phone. It will check the location of the device every few minutes or every few hours (up to you) and will plot the location on a Google Map™ so that you can see the historical movements of the device for any time period. A new feature of Google Maps enables you to see the actual route travelled by the device - either on a street-level map or using satellite imagery.

gps tracking

Location on Demand

Knowing where the target phone is at any time is a very useful tool. By sending a secret SMS command to the target phone you will be able to know what its current location is. The location can be sent to your cell phone as an SMS message or can be uploaded to your web control panel so that you can plot its location on a Google Map.

location on demand

Historical Movements

Know not only where the target phone currently is, but where it has travelled before. With GPS locations being logged and stored, you are able to view the historical movements of the target phone on a Google Maps™ interface. See where the target device has been, how often it is at specific places of interest, how long it remains there, and other significant patterns or trends.

historical movements


A GPS leash or geofence enables you to draw boundaries on a map that create perimeters around the target device. If the target device crosses a perimeter line then it will immediately notify you via SMS or email. This is an ideal feature for parental control or for companies monitoring their field staff. Know when the target device strays from its correct route and know when the device enters or exits forbidden areas.


Cell tower location

On devices without GPS capabilities or when GPS is not available you are usually able to obtain approximate location information based on the cell phone towers situated in the vicinity of the target phone. Although not as accurate as GPS tracking, cell tower locations will give you a fairly good idea of the area in which the target phone is situated.

cell towers

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