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Other Features

CellSpy has over 100 unique features that enable you to completely monitor your child's or your employee's mobile phone and real-world activities. Here are a few more of them...

Contacts & Address Book

This feature lets you access the target device's contact lists and address book. Know who your child or employee is really communicating with. You can not only access existing contacts stored on the target device but can be notified when new contacts are added. On most devices the address book allows the user to add the name, phone number, email address and other contact information for each person - all of which you would have access to.

contacts and address book

Web Activity

Monitor the web activity (web surfing) activities of the target user. See what websites have been visited, how often they're visited and how long the target user remains on a particular page. You can also see what searches have been made using search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, and will know what links the target person has clicked on any page.

web activity

Calendar & Tasks

The exact type of data obtainable with this feature depends on the target device, but generally it will include calendar entries, anniversaries, birthdays, reminders and scheduled tasks. Gain both valuable insight into the person's priorities and a clearer understanding of their activities by visualizing their appointments, deadlines and other time-related data in the context of their movements and interactions.


Phone Logs

Phone logs provide the basic communication-related information that is stored in a cell phone's call lists and message lists. See details of incoming, outgoing and missed calls as well as sent and received messages and emails. On some devices the logs would include web activity, app usage and information related to the user's usage of the phone itself.

contacts and address book

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