Read Chats & Messages

CellSpy lets you remotely access and read chat, email, text and instant messages on the target phone - the full text of both sent and received messages. Not all features are available on all phone models.


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With 400 million active users sending over 10 billion messages every day, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messages services available today. CellSpy will let you read the WhatsApp messages that are sent to or received on the target phone. Not only can you read the full content of each message (from anywhere, using your mobile phone or computer) you will also know who the other party is, and can monitor how often the target person is in communication with specific users via WhatsApp. Not available on Blackberry devices only.

Call Recording

Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

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Now no longer restricted to Blackberry devices only, BBM is available on Android and Apple devices as a free app and has suddenly grown in popularity. Read the full content of both sent and received Blackberry Messenger chats, know who the message was sent to or from, and when it was sent. All BBM chat messages are secretly uploaded to your web-based control panel and can be viewed at any time using your smartphone or computer web browser.

Call Interception

SMS Text Messages

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SMS (Short Message Service) or text messages are a vital form of communication on mobile devices. Read the entire SMS or text message - both sent and received messages - even if the message has been deleted by the target user immediately after sending or reading. Captured text messages are secretly uploaded to your web control panel where you can view them online from anywhere in the world.

Pagekit Platform

Email Messages

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Email is still one of the most popular communication methods with over 3 million emails being sent globally every second. Read the full body text of sent and received emails - even if those emails are deleted immediately after being sent or read. On Blackberry devices you can access the primary BIS/BES email account and on Android and Apple devices you are able to access the Gmail account set up on the target device.

Call Interception

Facebook Messenger

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A crowd favorite, the Facebook Messenger app connects Facebook's billion plus subscribers using mobile devices to communicate via Facebook chat. CellSpy lets you read the full content of both sides of the FB Messenger chat conversation and enables you to see who the chat participants are, when the chat began and ended, and over what duration it took place. Read FB Messenger chats with ease using your web browser by logging onto your web-based control panel from anywhere in the world.

Pagekit Platform

Skype Chat

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Skype provides a popular instant messaging service that enables one to chat with other Skype users over the Internet using a computer or mobile device. CellSpy gives you access to Skype chat messages, enables you to see the complete conversation, identify the other parties, know when, how often and for how long they're chatting. All chats are secretly uploaded to your own secure web control panel for you to view at your leisure.

After Call Recording

Viber Chat

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With more than 200 million users, Viber is fast becoming one of the more popular instant messaging and telephony services in use on mobile devices. As with the other chat services that CellSpy can monitor, you'll be able to read the full text of Viber messages, know who the other person is, how often they're in contact and the amount of time they spend chatting. In addition, CellSpy has released call recording for Viber so you can also listen to actual Viber conversations.

Skype Call Recording

WeChat NEW

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Wechat is primarily targeted at the Chinese market and is one of the most popular instant messaging services in the world. CellSpy now offers Wechat monitoring and will enable you to access and read the complete conversations taking place over Wechat. Know what is being said, to whom it is being said, how often they chat and how much time is spent on Wechat with any particular person.

Viber Call Recording

VkChat NEW

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Vkchat is another niche instant messaging service that is most popular in Russia. Vk is the second largest social networking application in Europe after Facebook and it only makes sense to include the capture of Vkchat with CellSpy. Know everything that is discussed using this chat service, who the participents are, when chats occur and the duration of each encounter. All data is uploaded to your web control panel for easy viewing and examination.

Skype Call Recording

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