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Remote Control

CellSpy gives you complete control of your monitoring activity from anywhere in the world. No matter where you are, where your child or employee is, and no matter what type of device you have at your disposal for monitoring purposes, you will be in control.

Web Control Panel

CellSpy's sophisticated online control panel system is straightforward to use and is brimming with amazing features. Apart from making captured data available to you, the control panel is used to remotely control the target device. You can turn features on and off, alter settings, even reboot the phone or send a spoofed message to or from the target device.

control panel

SMS and Push Commands

Since one may not always have access to the online web portal, CellSpy also allows you to remotely control the target phone using SMS messages. On all devices but Blackberry the SMS commands will be invisible to the target user, and can be used to turn features on and off, alter settings and even remotely deactivate the monitoring software altogether.

Call Interception

Functions on Demand

On demand functions include current location (where you can have the current location of the target device sent to your phone as an SMS or updated on your control panel's mapping system) and remote surveillance features such as initiating the remote capture of video or snapshots from the target phone's camera or remotely activating the microphone to listen in to background audio.

Features on demand

Scheduled Functions

Being able to schedule certain monitoring features is in itself a great feature. You can set up scheduled audio recording, video recording, snapshot capture, GPS tracking and more, and have that captured data sent secretly to your web control panel for your perusal or listening at your leisure. You no longer need to be actively engaged in the monitoring of the target device and can carry on with your life while CellSpy gathers the evidence you need.

After Call Recording

Remote Deactivation

CellSpy can be remotely deactivated (either permanently or just temporarily) and can be remotely reactivated too (if you temporarily turned it off). This feature would come in handy if you no longer have access to the target device or if you no longer need to monitor the communications of that device. Remote deactivation and reactivation can be done via SMS command or from your web control panel.

remote deactivation

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