Policy and Legal Matters

Intertel not only operates in compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements, we conduct all business in an ethical and responsible manner. Part of that responsibility is to ensure that you are aware of your rights, and where applicable, aware of any terms and conditions to which you may be subject. Although we operate with relative transparency, certain documents will not be available to download or view online without approval as they contain proprietary information. If you have any questions regarding a legal or policy matter, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Terms and Conditions

The contracts, agreements and terms and conditions documents below are provided for informational purposes and as a convenience only. Most of these agreements and T&C's probably don't relate to you, but you're welcome to read through them if you're interested. Just remember that these are copyrighted documents - you may not copy a document (or any part of a document) and reuse it or redistribute it without our permission. If you need a copy of an agreement for your own personal or business use then please just ask.

Usage Agreements

Web Terms of Use, Global View Online
Email Disclaimer, Global
Web Disclaimer, CellSpy

Service Agreements

Terms of Service, Global
Terms of Service, InterTrace
Terms of Service, ResQ Download
Terms of Service, InterDict
Terms of Service, InterTelecom Download

Sales Agreements

Terms of Sale, CellSpy
Terms of Sale, Spy Shop
Terms of Sale, Global

Partner Agreements

Agreement, Affiliates
Agreement, Resellers
Agreement, Suppliers
Agreement, Sub-Contractors

Skills Development Agreements

Learnership Contract, General
Internship Contract, General
Bursary Agreement, General Download

Employment Agreements

Employment Contract, General
Employment Contract, Specialist
Employment Contract, Management
Employment Contract, Fixed Term

Subject Agreements

Consent, Polygraph examination
Consent, Background check
Consent, Voluntary Search
Consent, Expungement of Criminal Record Download

Miscellaneous Agreements

Non-disclosure Agreement
Memorandum of Understanding
Acknowledgement of Debt

Policies, Standards and Procedures

Most policies, standards and procedures will not be visible/accessible unless you are logged on and have authorization. The documents articulate our operating procedures, guidelines and overarching policies. Unless you are a competitor of ours, they will probably not be of any particular use to you, and are published on this site for the benefit of employees. Documents that are available for public release are either no longer in use, have been replaced, or have been sanitized of any proprietary or sensitive information.


Acceptable Encryption Policy Download
Acceptable Use Policy Download
Anti-virus Guidelines Download
Auto Forwarded Email Policy Download
Business Continuity Planning Policy
Change Control Policy
Clean Desk Policy Download
Company Vehicles Policy
Contingency Planning Policy
Cyber Harassment Policy
Data Classification Policy
Digital Sig Acceptance Policy Download
Disaster Recovery Plan Policy Download
Dresscode Policy
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Employee Internet Use Policy Download
Employee Wellness Policy
Environmental Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
Gambling in the Workplace Policy
Incident Response Planning Policy
InfoSec Awareness & Training Policy
Intellectual Property & Fair Use Policy
Password Protection Policy Download
Physical Security Policy
Security Audit Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy
Skills Transfer Policy
Social Engineering Awareness Policy Download
Social Networking Policy
Violence in the Workplace Policy
Virtual Private Network Policy Download
Waste and Recycling Policy
Weapons in the Workplace Policy
Web Application Security Policy Download
Wireless Communication Policy Download
Workstation Security Policy Download

Standards and Guidelines

Baseline Network Standard
Business Continuity Planning Standard
Data Classification Guidelines
Data Classification Standard
Disposition of Protected Data Standard
Incident Response Planning Guidelines
Incident Response Planning Standard
Preservation Order Guidelines
Wireless Communication Standard Download