reseller program

Reseller Program

Intertel's reseller program is geared towards entrepreneurs, private investigators, security consultants, online retailers and anyone that is looking for top-notch surveillance, security and monitoring products and services to resell as their own. Intertel offers debranded, white-label and rebranded products and services of the highest quality, and at prices that are both competitive and profitible.

What's the difference between...

Debranded and Rebranded Products?

Debranded products are much like the "no name brand" products one would buy from a retail store. We would provide you with products that have had all identifying features removed so that you are able to sell them to your customers without the risk of your customers coming directly to us for future purchases. We would provide debranded product to you at discounted price and you are free to sell those products at whatever price you wish.

Rebranded products go one step further. Instead of simply removing identifying features, we would include your branding (company name, product name, logo, contact details) wherever applicable, whether on the product itself, or on any documentation, web pages and other resources. This is ideal for those who wish to build a brand of their own. Although we do not charge for the actual rebranding of products, we do require an upfront purchase of a number of the specific product(s) you require rebranded - this is to ensure that you are both serious about entering into a reseller relationship and in fact have the resources necessary to make a success of it.

Being a Reseller and being an Affiliate?

The primary differences between resellers and affiliates is branding and support. An affiliate simply refers customers to us and earns a commission for purchases of our branded products. The affiliate does not need to deal with the customer at all, and plays no part in supporting the product or the customer. A reseller on the other hand sells either debranded or rebranded products supplied by us at a competitive price. Resellers will deal entirely with the customer and will handle every aspect of the client relationship, from billing to customer support.

How does it work?

Simple. You choose which products or services you would like to resell to your own customers. Let us know how many you expect to sell, how you would like the products or services packaged and branded and how you would like delivery to take place and we'll take care of everything else. Intertel's reseller program enables you to sell the best quality products, services and solutions - the same products, services and solutions we provide to our own clients, but under your own business umbrella and brand.