• Audio Forensics

    Audio Forensics is the scientific analysis and processing of audio sources, and includes the enhancement of audio clarity, improvement of intelligibility, filtering of unwanted sounds, and the identification and elimination of known and unknown exemplars from recordings - usually for investigative purposes.

audio forensics

Forensic and technical audio services

Intertel has the capability to attend to almost any forensic audio-related request. Our services are most commonly requested to assist with or to provide expert advice or testimony with regard to:

  •  Reliably digitizing audio recordings - typically in lossless formats
  •  Filtering out hissing, clicking and popping sounds
  •  Blocking out or quieting ranges and specific frequencies
  •  Isolating and removing unwanted constant tones or tone patterns
  •  Performing directional noise cancellation
  •  Normalizing voices so that each audible person is heard at equal volumes
  •  Smoothing sounds that border nearly inaudible gaps
  •  Recovering speech that is masked by distortion, bad recording, background sounds, or other voices
  •  Authenticating audio tapes - including the detection of splicing, over-recording or editing
  •  Spectral and voice print analysis
  •  Assessing acoustical compliance of noise in occupational settings
  •  Measuring the audibility of speech, alarms, sirens, or other sounds at a particular place/time
  •  Identifying and locating sound sources
  •  Analyzing gunshot acoustics in order to identify the weapon type and estimate the firing location