Data Visualization and Presentation

Presenting complex issues or voluminous data in easy to understand graphical formats is what visualization is all about. Our in-house and external analysts are able to reduce large volumes of seemingly unrelated, abstract or complex information into meaningful visual devices, charts, diagrams and graphic aids - and are able to prepare abstracts, reports, written and oral presentations with supporting multimedia and audio/visual aids.

data visualization

Visual Devices

Various types of visual devices can be prepared from text and numerical data, including time-event charts, pattern analysis wheels, association matrices, link diagrams, flow charts, transaction analysis charts, mindmaps, heatmaps, organizational charts, 2D and 3D graphs, and custom-designed visualizations as can be seen below:

custom visualization of large data volume
three dimensional chart with perspective
circular chart comprising coloured segments for easy identification
customized bubble chart and population chart hybrid
mind map visualization
simple organizational chart
more complex hybrid graphing techniques
link diagram depicting relationships between entities

Reporting and Presentation

Drawing on the experience of our intelligence analysts, we are able to offer various reporting and presentation products that range from one page bulletins or summaries to comprehensive studies and research assignments to oral presentations that are supported by audio-visual and multimedia aids. Although we do not provide presentations on your behalf, we can arrange a professional speaker and coaching in the subject matter if required. We are able to provide audio-visual equipment for presentations, includes 3D projectors, PA Systems, wireless microphones, laser pointers etc.