Electronic Surveillance

Electronic surveillance is the use of electronic devices to conduct or support the covert surveillance of people or places.

electronic surveillance

What is Electronic Surveillance?

Electronic surveillance is simply the covert and usually remote monitoring of conversations and activities at a particular location, for example, at one's house in order to monitor a child minder or the activities of service people or contractors who may have access to your premises while you are away.

The latest hi-tech gadgetry can be installed at almost any location - and at any hour by arrangement - to provide you with insight into the activities and communications of a person or at a place of interest. Devices can be disguised as regular, day-to-day items, or concealed in existing fixtures and fittings. Monitoring, transcription and quality enhancement services are also available.

What Intertel Will and Won't do...

Intertel will only undertake electronic surveillance assignments on a property or in a building that you own or are leasing (provided approval has been obtained from the lawful owner). We will not conduct electronic surveillance that is unlawful or that we deem to be inappropriate (such as installing hidden cameras in a bathroom). In order for us to accept an electronic surveillance assignment we will need to be convinced of your motives, intentions, and appreciation of the legalities of electronic surveillance.

Due to the sensitive nature of remote monitoring through electronic surveillance and because we do not wish to divulge our full capabilities or the type of equipment we utilize, you will need to contact us for further information. When doing so, please do not simply ask for further information about our Electronic Surveillance services as you will not receive a reply. We will need to know some background to the situation that has given rise to your need, what or who you wish to monitor, the environment in which the monitoring will take place, the period for which you require electronic surveillance, etc.

If you are interested in purchasing DIY devices which you can use to monitor individuals or locations then feel free to browse our online store by  clicking here . If you are a law-enforcement, government agency or state-sanctioned buyer then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details of products that are not publically available - basic information is also available under the "Products" > "Law Enforcement" menu.