HUMINT Collection

The timely gathering of credible, relevant and usable information from reliable sources is what human-source intelligence (HUMINT) is all about. HUMINT operations are undertaken to do just that - gain access to key information that can be collected, evaluated, processed and produced into actionable intelligence.

human intelligence

What are intelligence operations?

Intelligence concerns itself with gathering, evaluating, analyzing and disseminating factual, relevant information to decision-makers on time, in an unambiguous manner, and in an understandable format.

Intelligence operations, therefore, focus primarily on acquiring the information needed for analysis, and can be undertaken overtly or covertly, in a single operation or as an ongoing effort. Generally, intelligence operations are focused on human sources - and could involve the recruitment and handling of willing informants or undercover operations that employ infiltration and elicitation in order to gather the required intelligence information.

Since intelligence operations are, by their very nature, secretive, and because we do not wish to divulge the full range of our capabilities, methods and methodologies, we will only touch briefly on two of the most common intelligence collection activities we undertake.

Information Gathering

The gathering, collating, evaluating and correlating of critical information is a specialty of this firm. We have established (and maintain) a jaw-dropping network of contacts and sources, reliable individuals who have access to - and can provide - almost any information concerning a person, group, business, organization, location, object, event, or activity. Information gathering can be augmented by our in-house processing and analysis capabilities.

Undercover Operations

We are able to tailor a goal-oriented and focused covert intelligence collection operation designed to answer whatever specific questions you might have, or to resolve any particular current (or anticipated future) situation. Whether used to infiltrate a criminal syndicate operating within your company, or to test the integrity of staff members, undercover operations can provide insight otherwise unavailable through conventional methods.